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AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream - Made in the USA - Natural Herbal Extract

AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream - Made in the USA - Natural Herbal Extract

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Have you been bothered by skin imperfections, moles, or other skin issues?

AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream offers effective skincare. With ginseng as its primary ingredient and a unique formula derived from traditional herbs, it aims to swiftly and  without a trace eliminate spots, moles, and skin tags, restoring your skin's even radiance. Within just one week of use, you'll notice spots and moles begin gradually fading, and your skin visibly purifying. AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream will assist in eliminating skin imperfections, restoring your confidence in beautiful skin.

🔥 FDA Approved.
🔥 Heal damaged skin in 8 weeks.
🔥 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. 


Are You Having Any Of These Skin Issues?

Try this AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream

AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream is an innovative product developed in cooperation with the American Academy of Dermatology. It makes full use of the natural properties and pharmacological effects of Chinese herbal medicine, and contains active ingredients that can promote skin regeneration and trigger a series of biochemical reactions. These ingredients dry out and gradually shrink the moles/tags, eventually causing them to fall off and disappear naturally.

Take a look at the feedback from customers who have used our product

"As an outdoor worker, years of sun exposure left my face covered in spots. These spots made me feel really uncomfortable. What's worse, my husband distanced himself from me because of these dark spots, and it was agonizing. So, I decided to get rid of them. I tried various spot-removing products and treatments, but none of them worked, which left me feeling incredibly frustrated. That's when I stumbled upon AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream. I decided to give it a try, and the results surprised me! First of all, it's super easy to use, just apply the cream to the spots. Secondly, the results were truly remarkable. In just a week, my sagging skin started to tighten, and the spots noticeably shrank, which made me really happy. After six weeks, my face was completely restored! Looking at my spot-free face in the mirror, I felt incredibly excited, and my husband started getting close to me again. The results from this product definitely exceeded my expectations!"   

-- Olivia Garcia - Illinois   

“Dealing with those stubborn warts over the years was nothing short of a nightmare. I have tried various methods such as surgical removal, laser treatments and medication, but each time it was only a short-lived relief and the warts would always come back and more. Worst of all, I suffered from the cold stares and comments. So when my dermatologist recommended this product to me, I decided to give it a try. It was truly the best decision I ever made. After using it for just a month, those warts practically disappeared! It's truly unbelievable. I'm now a loyal fan of AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream. It not only saved me from the judgmental stares and talk but also boosted my confidence to face life.”      

-- Cyrus Baxter - Minnesota

"I work as a cashier at a supermarket and deal with many customers every day. Therefore, my appearance is crucial to me. However, I don't know when it started, but the black moles on my face began to multiply. Customers would look at my face with astonishment and give me strange looks, which I couldn't bear. All of this caused me immense inner distress and significantly affected my life. So, I was determined to get rid of these black moles. I spent a lot of time searching for various methods, but none of them worked. I felt despair, as if the world had become gloomy. Just then, a friend introduced me to AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream. I decided to give it a try. The results amazed me – after using it for just one week, those troublesome black moles started fading away. It felt like magic! I began using this product every day, and in just eight weeks, my skin became clearer and more radiant! I'm very grateful to my friend and to AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream. It truly changed my life and gave me hope!"

--Chloe Hernandez - Kentucky


How are skin problems caused?

Skin diseases can be caused by various factors, such as environmental influences, immune system dysfunction, microbial infections, hormonal imbalances, and more. These factors can disrupt the skin's normal protective barrier, leading to various skin issues. When extra cells grow on the skin's surface, skin tags can form. Skin tags are small, non-cancerous growths. They often develop in areas where skin rubs against skin, making them more common in individuals who are overweight and have skin folds and Moles, , are the most common benign skin tumors in humans, caused by the proliferation of epidermal and dermal melanocytes. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and grow on the skin's surface. These are all considered common skin problems.

Currently, various methods such as surgical excision, laser therapy, and medicinal treatments are commonly employed in clinical practice to remove moles, warts, and spots. While these methods have shown certain effectiveness, they still have their drawbacks. For instance, laser therapy can sometimes result in scarring. Surgical excision is complex, not always convenient, costly, slow in recovery, and painful. There are some medications on the market that have limitations in treating various characteristics of spots, moles, and warts. For example, allergies and side effects are possible, and in severe cases, they can lead to shock or even death.

Therefore, in response to this situation, our team of dermatologists and formulation scientists has developed a new product that is free from side effects, aiming to meet the diverse needs of skin tags removal.This effort led to the discovery of the organic formula behind AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream, which effectively dries, contracts, and heals skin tags and skin blemishes.

Have you been troubled by skin issues? Give this AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream a try!

Ginseng is a unique Araliaceous plant with high medicinal value. Its history dates back more than 3,000 years and has been used as a powerful detoxification and tonification remedy in various cultures throughout Asia.  Because of its precious medicinal properties and excellent curative effect, it is called the king of tonic.

Ginseng: Modern scientific research has revealed the potential healing properties of Ginseng. Rich in ginsenosides: ginsenosides-Rb, ginsenosides-Rg , ginseng polysaccharides, rhamnose, oleanolic acid, and other chemical components. These ingredients greatly enhance its healing properties, including disease prevention
, reduce the risk of inflammation, eliminate toxins, inhibit melanin production. Ginseng has shown amazing results in preclinical and clinical studies against various problems of the skin, and even diseases such as melanoma.

Ginseng effectively relieves skin diseases, spot, mole, tag and melanoma.

  • Clinically Tested with 4 Skin Therapy Properties
  • Prevent disease
  • Lower risk of inflammation
  • Inhibit melanin production
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Witness the brand new you

6 Natural Plant Extracts

Coptis Chinensis, Sophora Flavescens,  Dictamnus Dasycarpus, Astragalus Membranaceus, Carthamus Tinctorius and other plant extracts can effectively inhibit melanin synthesis, stimulate cell regeneration, and break down melanin. Helps regenerate cells and skin tissue, and restore your skin's restoration of cleanliness and health.

How does AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream work?

AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream achieves the penetration of active ingredients into the subcutaneous cells by applying the ointment on the spot/mole. The active ingredients in these herbal extracts help gradually lighten melanin and melanocytes, reducing them or causing moles to dry up, and eventually naturally shedding and disappearing. This process contributes to skin's restoration of cleanliness and health.

What makes AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream the best choice?

  1. Green natural therapy: safe and reliable, using herbal natural therapy and will not cause drug dependence.
  2. Holistic treatment: Addresses the root cause while preventing recurrence. Herbs boost immunity without causing allergy symptoms.
  3. Skin Protection and Regeneration: Mild herbal ingredients boost metabolism and promote skin regeneration.
  4. The cure rate is high and it is non-toxic and has no side effects: patients reported recovery within four weeks after treatment and no recurrence. Herbal therapy has a high cure rate and is non-toxic and has no side effects.
  5. Unique delivery method: using active molecules of Chinese herbal ingredients for effective penetration and treatment.
  6. Fast and Visible Results: Herbal remedies provide rapid relief of symptoms, resulting in dramatic improvements.

Here are the results of Lilianna Craft using AEXZR™ Herbal Cream!

    "Since birth, my face has been covered in spots/moles. When my parents first saw me, they were shocked and couldn't understand why my face had so many spots and moles. They took me to see a doctor, but I was very young at the time, and the doctor couldn't solve the issue. Because of these spots and moles on my face, people around me always looked at me with strange eyes. I couldn't escape these stares. Whenever I walked in a crowd, I always kept my head down, fearing that people's gaze would fall on my face, bbecause those strange eyes make me feel deep pain in my heart."

    "When I was feeling desperate, my doctor suggested trying this AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream. I didn't have many other options, so I thought, why not? In just one week, I couldn't believe my eyes - the spots and moles on my face were starting to fade."

    "Well, at week 4, I saw a truly incredible change! The spots/moles on my face are disappearing and my skin is getting a little firmer. My doctor and family are happy for me too, it's great! People are amazed at the difference, it's crazy!"

    "At the end of week 8, the results I saw firsthand while using this product were truly incredible. I was amazed at the dramatic improvement in my skin health, which was confirmed by my doctor. In just a short Within just a few weeks, the spots/moles on my skin faded and my skin became firmer and smoother. This remarkable transformation had a profound impact on me. Not only did it help me overcome the spots/moles, but my face Getting clean and healthy, it feels like a miracle!! The excitement and joy this product has brought to me is immeasurable, I now don’t have to fear people’s eyes on my face. I can go in with confidence for my life. I recommend it to anyone looking for similar benefits.”

    How to Use:

    • After cleansing, apply a suitable amount of the product evenly to the targeted skin. Gently massage until absorbed. 
    • Use twice daily.


    • AEXZR™ Herbal Natural Spot & Mole Cream 30g/1fl.oz (1/2/3/5/7/10 Bottles)
    • Origin: United States

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