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AEXZR™ Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball

AEXZR™ Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball

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Elevate Your Cat's Playtime to New Heights!

Are you ready to treat your feline friend to the ultimate playtime experience? Look no further than the AEXZR™   Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball – the purr-fect combination of fun, stimulation, and relaxation for your beloved kitty! 

Why your fur babies will love this?

🔸 Premium Catnip Infusion: Infused with premium catnip, our Wall Ball is irresistible to cats. The natural aroma of catnip is known to stimulate playfulness and reduce stress in cats, making it an excellent addition to your pet's daily routine.

🔸Wall-Mounted Play: Elevate playtime to new heights by attaching the AEXZR™  Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball to your wall. It's a dynamic way to engage your cat's senses and keep them entertained for hours.

🔸Interactive Spinning: With a unique spinning feature, our Wall Ball captures your cat's attention like never before. Watch them swat, pounce, and spin in delight!

🔸Dust-proof Cover: lt has a protective cover to prevent dust accumulation and odor when not in use.

🔸Physical and Mental Stimulation: Our innovative toy promotes both physical activity and mental agility, ensuring a healthy and happy cat. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a more vibrant kitty.

Let us hear from our satisfied Customers

"I was worried my indoor cats were getting bored, but the AEXZR™ Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball turned playtime into an adventure! My kitty, Whiskers, & Nala absolutely love it. They can't resist the catnip-infused magic. Plus, the dust-proof cover keeps it clean, so my fur babies can enjoy their new favorite toy without any worries."

"I can't thank AEXZR™ Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball enough for this amazing creation! My older cat, Mr. Fluffy, was starting to lose interest in play, but this wall-mounted wonder changed everything. The spinning action keeps him engaged, and the premium catnip infusion always brings out his playful side. Plus, it's fantastic for his oral health. It's like he's found the fountain of youth in a wall ball!"


  • Color: Pink / Green / Blue
  • Material: Catnip + Glutinous Rice
  • Style: Crab, Snail


AEXZR™ Deluxe Catnip Wall Ball

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